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What is Lower Crossed Syndrome?

Lower Crossed Syndrome is a muscular imbalance syndrome, which results in very typical postural changes that your chiropractor is trained to identify. It is often caused by poor posture, prolonged sitting and a lack of core stability for the spine.

LCS is characterised by weak or inhibited abdominal and buttock muscles and tight, overactive low back extensors and hip flexors. This combination of imbalance leads to an unstable back, which increases the risk of injury and dysfunction in the joints in the lower back and pelvis as well as the hip joints. It may also impair your sporting performance as a result of reduced core stability and stride length.

The typical appearance for somebody with Lower Crossed Syndrome would be protruding abdomen, arched back, flexed hips and lack of buttock musculature.

The pain is in my hips, why are you focusing on my back?

It is not uncommon for patients to insist that their problem has nothing to do with their back because the pain is in their hips or their thighs.

Tightness in the buttock (piriformis), side of the leg (tensor fasciae lata) and inside of the leg (hip adductors) can all be symptoms that stem from a muscular imbalance of the lower back and core muscles.

If the gluteus maximus muscles are weak, the hamstrings, low back stabilizers and piriformis muscles are recruited to assist with physical activities such as standing, walking and running.

When these muscles become overactive in this way it can lead to muscle tightness, spasm and pain.

If this then goes untreated it can lead to injuries to the joints, followed by degeneration in the spine and hips which ultimately impede muscle strength, flexibility and range of motion with pain in the lower back and hips.

Once these changes occur the lower back is susceptible to spine and disc injuries and repeat episodes of previous injuries, which can easily lead to chronic back pain.

So where does chiropractic come in?

Chiropractic treatment will help regain normal function in the joints in the lower back and pelvis.

We will also address the muscular imbalance by relaxing the over-tightened muscles and ensuring you have a programme of self-help exercises to specifically target the weak muscles causing the imbalance.

You will also be given advice of your posture and how to correct it whether it be at home, work, whilst driving or sleeping.

It is not normally enough to just keep stretching and massaging the tight muscles. This will only give short term relief. Chiropractic treatment is aimed at dealing with the underlying cause of the tight muscles which is the joint problem.

If Lower Crossed Syndrome accurately describes the pain you are experiencing or you want to discuss another problem, please contact us here at the Isis Chiropractic Centres.

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