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There Are Many Forms of Martial Arts

There are many forms of martial arts each with their own style and movement patterns. Today Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has become the way forward for many martial artists; this is an art which incorporates many forms of martial arts all mixed into one e.g. boxing, karate, ju-jitsu, Kung-fu, JKD, wrestling, mu-tai, kickboxing, judo (the list goes on).

They have many things in common, but there are also distinct differences. One thing that stands out is; they all involve using the whole body.

“Whatever your chosen art, the chiropractors at Isis Chiropractic Centres can help you manage your condition and make you better.”

Martial Arts Training and Injuries

Training of the body and mind daily, involves much repetitive movement of the joints, ligaments, and muscles.

The intensity of training needed can leave you feeling stiff and restricted in movement and, at times, very sore. The repetitive movements, pushing your body hard during these phases often lead to injury.

A martial artist not only develops a strong physical conditioning but also a strong mind. This approach to ‘mind over matter’ therefore can often lead to further repetitive or recurring injuries. It might seem contradictory, but it is important for you to know your limits as your body needs time for recovery. Pain doesn’t always signify gain! Overtraining is therefore common.

What Injuries Are Most Common Within Martial Arts Training?

Naturally, being an art, which involves the whole body, Martial artists can be exposed to injuries almost at any joint anywhere in the body. Both traumatic injuries and overuse injuries.

Here are some of the conditions we often see:

Fractures do happen, but although we do not treat fractures we often help in their recovery and rehabilitation.

When Shall I Have Treatment?

You don’t have to be in pain to see a Chiropractor!

It is not uncommon for fighters to visit chiropractors to help them keep their joints, muscles and ligaments mobile to reduce the risk of injury.

The martial artist moves and uses their defence and attack techniques and is naturally exposed to traumatic blows and repetitive stresses and strains during combat.

So, having a regular check-up would make sense.

However, if you have pain, you should have it checked, especially if it lasts for more than a couple of days or recurs during normal training.

Why Should a Martial Artist Visit a Chiropractor?

Martial arts and chiropractic have a lot in common.

Martial arts involve repetitive movement causing stress and strain on the body leading to stiff joints.

Chiropractors help to gently unlock stiffness in joints restoring better function to allow the joints more fluidity of movement. Fluid movement is important for martial artists for delivering good technique in combat.

Martial artists constantly put their body through rigorous training, which means repetitive injuries develop in the background. Chiropractors may help with speeding up recovery time and healing between training sessions and combat.

The chiropractor can offer you the correct advice during the phase of injury so your body can recover without any interference.

Your body needs rest periods and your body will need to heal between sessions of training. Or you might only need to modify your training temporarily to help your body recover.

It is important to correct, strengthen and rehabilitate the injured area at the right time to limit the chances of the injury coming back to haunt you later.

Chiropractors have great knowledge of prescribing the correct exercises to put you back on the road to recovery and are trained to help guide you back to your goal of your chosen activity.

Chiropractors will perform a thorough case history, perform an orthopaedic, neurological, muscle and chiropractic examination. Chiropractors are also trained to take and read x-rays should you require any.

Martial arts chiropractic treatment
Some injuries to the body during or after training may persist and become chronic in nature, chiropractic is likely to be helpful in aiding the body to heal, maintain and help an old injury. Having chiropractic care to support martial arts training seems like a perfect combination.

If you are concerned about any aches you may be experiencing, contact us now and book an appointment with your chiropractor at Isis to find out how we can help you.

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