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Chiropractic Treatment Can Benefit People of All Ages, Including Small Children

Pregnancy can cause uncomfortable effects, including changes in posture due to weight gain that cause pain in your back, hips, groin and legs. Postural changes may also influence the ligaments and muscles attached to the pelvis and in turn the positioning of the uterus and birth canal.

Although a natural process, birth is sometimes traumatic for both mother and baby and chiropractic can help the recovery. As children grow, we can help not only with the strains caused by the rough and tumble of life but also with some of the symptoms that children can suffer in their first years. Although back and neck pain is not considered common childhood disorders, they should always be thoroughly investigated. Spinal problems in children can be due to many reasons. The diagnosis and treatment of spinal problems in children is a specialised task and should be undertaken with great care.

Symptoms of back and neck pain in infants and young children can sometimes be difficult to understand due to the inability for children to communicate effectively and some symptoms may not appear to relate specifically to spinal problems.

Which Problems Can Chiropractic Help?

Problems can develop within your child’s spine during birth or at other times during childhood from general bumps and knocks when your child learns how to crawl and walk, and later in life from falls, accidents and carrying heavy school bags.

These problems can lead to various pains, which normally respond very well to chiropractic treatment:

Other problems that sometimes present to chiropractors where some of the symptoms can be helped are:

Early assessment of your child may help to prevent some of the above symptoms and ease symptoms of the above conditions.

The treatment for babies and young children is modified using a slight pressure (sustained release) most commonly rather than the manipulative technique used on adults. It is safe, gentle and effective.

Do not forget that children have genuine problems. Per, one of the owners of the clinic has treated many children and has this tip “As a parent I know that sometimes children say things to get attention. They might just not want to participate in physical activities and as a result they give other excuses. A good way to ascertain if they are telling the truth is to ask them to point at the pain. If they are consistent, assume that they are telling the truth.” Sometimes children do not complain if they are uncomfortable. If you are unsure, book an appointment. Many parents have brought their children for treatments for various conditions and if we can’t help we will tell you.

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