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What is IDD Therapy?

The video below explains how IDD Therapy has helped 1000s of people in the UK break free from a cycle of painkillers and get back to normal life. It is a safe and gentle approach to back and neck pain. 

Reasons why you should consider IDD Therapy:

  • You have ongoing chronic neck pain, back pain or sciatica 
  • Current treatment is not working 
  • You have been diagnosed with a slipped, prolapsed or herniated disc that is affecting day to day life and activities
  • You have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and told that nothing can be done about it 
  • You are struggling with sciatica 
  • You are keen to avoid invasive treatments such as spinal injections or surgery
  • You have been on a long waiting list and do not seem to be getting any help

How does IDD Therapy work?

IDD Therapy applies computer-controlled pulling forces at precisely measured angles to gently distract (draw apart) targeted spinal segments. Distracting vertebral joints relieves pressure on the disc and any pinched nerves (a cause of sciatic pain) whilst promoting the movement and absorption of fluids and nutrients in the disc space. These fluids and nutrients are essential for disc health.

Whilst distracting the vertebrae the treatment also works tight or stiff muscles and ligaments, helping to get more movement into the joints. 

The body has a natural maintenance and healing mechanism. By progressively improving the mobility in a joint, these mechanisms can operate more effectively and help to relieve pain.


How many treatments will I need?

Patients have a series of treatments typically spread over a number of weeks. This is to allow time for the body to adapt to the treatment with a goal of progressively improving spine function. Whilst symptomatic relief can be experienced in the early stages of treatment, the body does not adjust overnight where chronic conditions have built up over time. 

Is IDD Therapy suitable for neck pain?

Yes. The SPINA machines are equipped for cervical treatment and have a special unit for neck pain. Treatment lasts 25 minuted and is precise, gentle and safe. 

How long will the effects of treatment last?

Evidence has shown that people who undergo a course of IDD Therapy treatment can see continued improvement after treatment has finished.

The goal of the IDD Therapy program is to relieve pain and allow segments of the spine to move freely.  Improving mobility is essential to enable the body’s natural healing and maintenance mechanisms to operate more efficiently and thus give lasting improvement.

Long term success does not only depend on the nature of the condition being treated but also your ability to make recommended lifestyle changes such as incorporating exercise into their weekly routine.  Whilst some patients will have occasional top up treatment, combining the treatment program with lifestyle changes can help avoid recurrent bouts of back pain.

Will I feel any pain during or after the treatment? 

The secondary objective of the treatment is for it to be as comfortable as possible.  You do not typically feel pain during treatment; most are very relaxed and some even go to sleep.  You can experience temporary soreness following treatment since muscles which have not been used are being worked in a new way.  Cold packs are used to relieve soreness which usually passes as treatment develops and the body adapts.

Do I need to do any exercise or activity? 

Yes, though nothing too strenuous!  The goal of the spinal rehabilitation program is to improve mobility, relieve pain and create a platform for activity.  As treatment progresses you will be given gentle exercises to perform and shown how to look after your back properly.  Exercise and activity are an important part of long term rehabilitation.

I have had surgery on my back in the past- Could I still be a possible candidate for IDD Therapy? 

Patients who have had surgery can have treatment, provided that the procedure was not within the previous six months (to allow for complete healing) and there are no surgical implants.

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