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What is Tecar Therapy?

Tecar therapy was developed by French practitioners in the mid-1990s. It is a medical practice that applies electromagnetic energy to biological tissues by using non-invasive high frequency current. Tecar Therapy activates microcirculation and improves oxygenation in the muscular fibres, accelerating the natural processes of cellular exchange, repair and recovery. 

Tecar therapy is non invasive and comfortable. During your session all you will feel is a gentle heat, deep and relaxing. The majority of patients report a reduction in pain and improvement in function at the end of their first treatment.

What can be treated with Tecar therapy?

  • Sports injuries: Whether you’re dealing with a sprain, strain, or other type of sports-related injury, Winback Tecar therapy can help accelerate healing and reduce pain.
  • Joint pain: If you’re struggling with joint pain due to conditions like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, Winback Tecar therapy can be a safe and effective way to manage your symptoms.
  • Muscle pain: From muscle strains to more chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, Winback Tecar therapy can help alleviate pain and improve mobility.
  • Frozen shoulder: This painful condition can make it difficult to move your shoulder and arm, but Winback Tecar therapy can help improve range of motion and reduce pain.
  • Lymphatic drainage issues: If you’re dealing with swelling or fluid buildup due to lymphatic drainage issues, Winback Tecar therapy can help promote circulation and reduce swelling.

Treatments can help to:

  • Control inflammation: Inflammation is a natural response to injury or infection, but it can also cause pain and discomfort. Treatments can help to reduce inflammation and relieve symptoms.
  • Accelerate healing and pain reduction: Treatments can also promote healing and reduce pain, so you can get back to your normal activities more quickly.
  • Improve mobilisation: Pain and inflammation can limit your range of motion and make it difficult to move. Treatments can help to improve your mobility and make it easier to perform daily tasks.
  • Allow faster repair of the tissue: By promoting healing and reducing inflammation, treatments can help your body repair damaged tissue more quickly.

What does Tecar stand for?

The term T.E.C.A.R. means Capacitive and Resistive Energy Transfer. The Energy Transfer (TE) works by means of generation of a high-frequency current delivered by either a ‘CET or RET’ (CAR) electrode. WINBACK energy is a high-frequency current operating at 300 KHz ,500 KHz and 1 MHz depending on the selected mode.

This non-invasive current stimulates the body’s natural repair mechanisms, promoting cellular exchange. In combination with your chiropractor or therapist’s manual approach, it offers excellent rehabilitation results thanks to fast recovery of muscle and joint functions. It is a genuine physiological bio-accelerator. Tecar Therapy provides a range of unique treatments for acute and chronic conditions with very few contraindications.

What do other patients think of Tecar therapy?

Here are some testimonials from our patients who have received treatment with Tecar therapy..

I am very pleased with my tecar therapy. I have never had this type of therapy before and after suffering with a frozen shoulder I sought out treatment, where Jatinder suggested Tecar. After two treatments I can confirm it has really helped, especially the heat which feels really comforting. I can now lift my arm much better without too much pain and I’m sure this will only get better. I would certainly recommend.

Mrs W.S.

When Tecar was first recommended to me I was very nervous, as most people would, I went home and did some research online where I read both good and bad reviews. However, after 15 years of treatment and always having my issues resolved, I trusted Jatinder and her professional opinion completely. I had overdone it in the gym with weights and I wasn’t getting better, I had had tendonitis for 18 months. So I decided despite my reservations to try tecar and I am so happy I did. I have had some discomfort, however the benefits are wonderful. I am finally back in the gym and enjoying my pilates without pain. I would say to anyone considering tecar to just go for it! It may seem daunting, but it has made so much difference and it really does work.

Mrs J.D.

It’s great! My osteoarthritis has eased so much! I’m no longer in pain everyday, I only have mild discomfort when I first wake up, but I would say I have at least an 80% improvement. I think its absolutely brilliant, the treatment has a lovely warmth and is so soothing. I hope other people will see this and discover the benefits too, if you stick with it, its amazing!

Mrs D.M. 

If you would like to find out if Tecar Therapy can help you, please contact us.

 *Contraindications: Pacemaker, insulin pump, pregnancy, increased sensitivity  to heat, fever, thrombophlebitis, cancer, growth plates.

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