Chiropractic Treatment And Sciatica

Chiropractic And Disc Injuries – What Should I Do To Help Myself?

There are different degrees of injury ranging from mild tears on the outside of the disc to the more severe disc herniation. A disc injury can potentially be a very serious injury.

It is the sort of injury that sometimes requires surgery but fortunately only in a small number of more serious cases.

We want to make sure that you do not become one of them. There are a number of things that you can do to help.

The following points will help to reduce the pressure on the discs, reduce inflammation and promote healing and therefore stop the progression and help it settle quicker.

Reduce The Pressure On The Discs

  • Avoid sitting, bending, twisting and carrying.
  • Wear a support belt.
  • Avoid driving

Control Your Pain

  • Use ice packs to decrease pain and inflammation as directed by your Chiropractor.
  • Consider natural anti-inflammatory medication such as devils claw.
  • Take anti-inflammatory medication, either over the counter medication or prescription drugs such as stronger pain killers.
  • Use a TENS machine to control pain.
  • Do isometric exercises.

Exercise And Active Rest

  • Rest on your back with a pillow behind your knees to keep the hips and knees bent. If on your side, keep the pillow between your knees.
  • Get up and walk every 30 minutes.
  • If you cannot walk due to pain, try crawling on all fours until you loosen up.
  • Do your isometric exercises as directed by your Chiropractor.
  • It is better to take a shower than to have a bath, you can use heat on the muscles but avoid heating the spine.
  • To help you get out of the bed; co-contract the stomach muscles and tense the buttock muscles, roll on to your side, bring your legs over the side and push yourself up into sitting, then try to stand up.

If you experience any changes in your bowel or bladder control, or numbness in the ‘saddle’ area, you should consult the hospital as soon as possible. The symptoms are reversible when treated quickly.

Read more about disc inuries here.

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