Chiropractic and Acromio-Clavicular Tear

Chiropractic treatment for Acromio-Clavicular Tear

The shoulder has many ligament attachments and an injury to these may result in pain.

The most common ligament injury is at the acromio-clavicular (A/C) joint on the top of the shoulder. This injury occurs where the clavicle and the scapula come together.

The end of the scapula is called the acromion, and the joint between this part of the scapula and clavicle is called the acromio-clavicular joint.

How does a Acromio-Clavicular Tear occur?

A ligament injury is almost always the result of a sudden, traumatic event that can be attributed to a specific incident or action.

The two most common descriptions of a ligament injury are either a direct blow to the shoulder (often seen in football, rugby, or hockey), or a fall on to an outstretched hand (commonly seen after falling off a bicycle or horse).

What are the symptoms of a Acromio-Clavicular Tear?

Pain is the most common symptom, and is usually severe at the time of injury.

Evidence of traumatic injury to the shoulder, such as swelling and bruising, are also commonly found.

The end of the collar bone tend to protrude above its normal position forming a lump on the shoulder.

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