3 Stages of Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment is very effective in helping your pain, especially if you apply it as it should be. Here is an explanation in how we apply the treatment to help you the most.

The initial healing time for a damaged ligament and muscles is between 4-6 weeks, but it can take several months before they have healed properly.

The treatment will help you get comfortable quicker, but it is important to remember that the ligaments might not be fully healed even though the pain has subsided.

There are three phases of the treatment, each having specific goals which should be reached before moving to the next.

The aim of the initial phase, acute stage, is to decrease pain and inflammation.

The aim of the second phase, stabilisation stage, is to allow the problem to stabilise properly. Rehabilitation exercises will be introduced as the treatment continues.

When you reach the third stage, referred to as the maintenance stage, you should be pain free and able to your normal activities of daily living and go back to live your life normally.

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The Acute Stage of Chiropractic Treatment

The aim is to reduce inflammation and improve mobility: The treatment frequency is higher in order to get the pain and inflammation under control.

  • It can be useful to use a sacroiliac belt to support the pelvis, especially if the sacroiliac joint is severely inflamed and unstable.
  • Ice packs are used regularly to reduce the pain, joint inflammation and muscle spasm.
  • Spinal manipulation or adjustments are used to areas of the spine with restricted movement, to increase mobility and reduce pain.
  • Massage, Soft tissue therapy, Laser Therapy, Ultrasound and Interferential therapy may also be used.
  • We also advise our patients ‘active rest’, which means to avoid activities which the patient find aggravating but to keep moving around regularly.
  • Prolonged bed rest has been shown to actually prolong back pain. The chiropractor will give advice on how to get comfortable, how to move and you will be taught which exercises to do to get comfortable.

The Stabilisation Stage of Chiropractic Treatment

The aim is to normalise function and improve strength: As the pain starts to subside, treatments will be gradually spaced out and you will be given more exercises to do at home.

  • We continue with specific chiropractic manipulation and soft tissue techniques to areas of restricted movement in the low back and surrounding joints, to increase the mobility and optimise spinal function.
  • Core muscle exercises will gradually be introduced to create better spinal control and stability, which is one way of preventing the injury from coming back.
  • You will also be given postural and ergonomic advice to help you reducing the risk of injury.
  • We have an in-house rehabilitation gym, which we advise all our patients to attend to learn an exercise program specific for their needs. Doing your exercises long term will be extremely important to create more support and stability for the spine.
  • In some cases ‘curing’ the problem might not be possible, but the goal of the treatment will be to make sure the problem stays manageable, allowing you to do your normal daily activities.

The Maintenance Stage of Chiropractic Treatment

The aim is to prevent reoccurrence of your injury: You may attend for treatment every 1-3 months to aid long-term improvement and control of your problem.

The time between treatments depends on your injury, lifestyle, age and general health.

You need to continue with exercises to keep your injury at bay and to keep your back strong to prevent reoccurrence.

We have built our reputation on getting good results.

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