10 Myths About Chiropractic

Here are the 10 Most Common Misconceptions About Chiropractors and Chiropractic Treatment

Misconceptions and myths develop from having too little, or the wrong information. Chiropractic is a registered profession in the UK and has a large database of research supporting safety and effectiveness. Please read this page and let us know if you have any more questions!

1. The 'Size of Profession' Myth....

It’s a myth that not many people have chiropractic treatment. It is actually the 3rd largest healthcare profession in the western world.

2. The 'Chiropractic Training' Myth....

It’s a myth that chiropractors learnt the job on a weekend course or seminar. On average Chiropractors Study for nearly 4,500 hours. In order to be a chiropractor you must be registered with the General Chiropractic Council having already studied a 4 or 5 year degree programme including anatomy, physiology, radiology, pathology and orthopaedics followed by a supervised clinical year.

3. The 'What we Treat' Myth....

It’s a myth that chiropractors only treat back pain. There is a large evidence base behind chiropractors treating not only low back pain but also neck pain, headaches, shoulder or knee injuries, muscle strains and joint sprains. If there is an injury to muscle, tendon, joint, ligament or nerve there is a high chance our treatment can help.

4. The 'Painful Treatment' Myth....

It is a myth that manipulation hurts. Patients often feel immediate relief after manipulation for a number of reasons, including joint movement, muscle relaxation and a relief of endorphins. In acute cases sometimes experience pain during the manipulation because movement of the joint in this phase of injury is uncomfortable. But after treatment they often feel a relief and a decrease in pain levels.

5. The 'Danger' Myth....

It is a myth that spinal manipulation is dangerous. Chiropractic manipulation is safe when carried out by Chiropractor but can be less safe if carried out by other healthcare professional that is less skilled in manipulation. Our type of manipulation has been shown to be among the safest and most effective ways of treating low back and neck pain.

6. The 'X-ray' Myth....

It is a myth that chiropractors always take x-rays. We follow strict guidelines on the taking of radiographs, guidelines that follow the same recommendations for medical use. If you already have had scans or x-ray films, these are requested, rather than us taking new ones.

Having x-rays can be important for your diagnosis, sometimes x-rays find contraindications to treatment, or helps the chiropractor chose the best treatment modality.

7. The 'Cracking Bones' Myth....

It is a myth that chiropractors crack your bones. A chiropractic adjustment focusses on a joint which is restricted in its movement and unable to function correctly. The audible cracking noise is a release of naturally gasses in the body being released due to a slight distraction of the joint. It is a similar sound to pulling  a sution cup off a surface.

8. The 'Suitable Age' Myth....

It is a myth that chiropractic care is only suitable for adults. Our treatment is safe for people of all ages. Techniques are modified depending on a patients age, health, history and condition. Patients ranging from new-born to over one hundred years of age have benefited from chiropractic treatment.

9. The 'Cost of Treatment' Myth....

It is a myth that chiropractic treatment is expensive.  Most chiropractic treatment has to be paid for privately and a course of  treatment compares, costwise, to an annual service on your car. Chiropractic treatment is not common on the NHS but the majority of insurance companies cover the treatment. The cost of our treatment compares very favourably with other manual therapy professions. In fact, our treatment is less expensive than most physiotherapists in our area. We are less expensive than a private GP consultation and in some cases, a course of chiropractic treatment is cheaper than one consultation with a consultant.

10.The 'Life-Long Treatment' Myth....

It is a myth that you will have to continue with chiropractic treatment for the rest of your life. For some patients regular preventative treatment is necessary to manage their condition. For others a single course of treatment is sufficient to resolve their symptoms. Many other healthcare professions already recommend check-up appointments in order to ensure that you continue to feel your best. Your chiropractor will always recommend the best plan for you although it’s important to remember that it is always your choice as to how often you see your chiropractor. Many people stop treatment when their pain settles, which is not always the best way to judge if you need treatment or not.

The patients that get most out of their chiropractic treatment follow the recommended treatment plan.

See what our patients think of our treatment here.

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