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Avoiding Holiday Injuries

Every year here at the ISIS Chiropractic Centres we see patients who have had their holiday ruined because of injuries.

According to a recent survey, up to a third of British holidaymakers have hurt themselves at an airport. Around half of these were directly related to luggage.

Among the other injuries of note there was the following:

  • Back Pain    19%
  • Bruises        16%
  • Broken toes    15%
  • Cuts and grazes    14%
  • Pulled muscle    12%
  • Sprained ankle    10%

The survey of more than 2,150 adults who had been on holiday in the past three years, also revealed luggage falling on them and tripping over a bag were the two biggest reasons for getting hurt.

Please read on to find out how injuries can be prevented!

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Lifting Bags Off the Carousel

This was followed by “slips and trips from rushing around” such as running to catch a flight for example.

Of the causes of back pain the most common was lifting and manoeuvring of suitcases etc which also involved having to grab bags from a moving carousel.

Injuries such as this seem largely preventable with just a little bit of preparation.

While Chiropractic can prepare you and your back for events such as this through increasing your mobility and helping to build strength with specific exercises we do appreciate that hauling luggage from the carousel seems to happen too quickly and catches people “off guard” so to speak.

One way to combat this is to stand towards the end of the conveyor belt as opposed to at the start or in the overcrowded middle. This enables you to see in advance when your bag is coming and allows you time to set your body position and brace your core so that when you do grab that bag it is from a stable position that is less likely to strain your back muscles.

Neck Pain More Common

Neck pain is becoming increasingly more prevalent with nearly half of the population predicted to suffer from it at some point in life especially with the rising popularity of tablets and e-readers.

Obviously one of life’s great joys when on holiday is the opportunity to catch up on our reading and immersing oneself in some great literature.

However, holding the head and neck in one position (often with the neck bent) for hours at a time can lead to strain in the muscles and a degree of stiffness as a result.

Please don’t stop reading! Instead simply take little breaks every 30 to 45 minutes to allow the neck muscles time to relax. This is particularly true on long-haul flights where one is cooped up for many hours trying desperately to while away the time!

With this in mind, many people choose to have Chiropractic treatment both before long-distance travel and after to loosen stiff back muscles or to ease any stiff necks brought about by being confined to one position for hours at a time.

Whether it is aches and pains from an activities holiday, running the airport assault course or just stiff from those “different” hotel beds, Chiropractic is here to help.

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