Golf Performance Assessment at ISIS Chiropractic Centres

One of our senior chiropractors and owners of the ISIS Chiropractic Centres, Per Kleberg, has been awarded the Titleist Performance Institute certification!

Per has treated golfers for a variety of injuries for many years and has recently completed the first stage in the prestigious Titleist Performance Institute's certification programme.

Titleist Performance Institute ISIS Chiropracti
Per Kleberg ISIS Chiropractic

The TPI Assessment Programme

“It is impressive to see how the Titleist Performance Institute have put together an assessment, which allows us to determine which swing faults the golfer is likely to have, even without watching them swing a golf club!"

"I feel excited about the new skills I have learnt after completing their first level of the Titleist Performance Institute's certification programme. It will allow me to be more efficient in dealing with golfer's needs with regard to injury prevention and increased performance."

"I think very few golfers realise how much a slight restriction in mobility or lack of stability in one area can have such a big impact on the overall movement of the golf swing. It was a real eye-opener to see how much this assessment can help somebody improve their golf swing."

"TPI have researched this in detail using golfers of all levels and ability from PGA Tour players to the average amateur and put together a great tool which will help any level of golfer improve."

Imagine if there was an Assessment

Imagine if there was an assessment that would pinpoint what you needed to work on, which specific exercise to give you in order to correct your physical limitations, which would allow you to improve your golf swing!

Some of the benefits you could expect to see would be improved accuracy and power, reduced risk of injury, which would hopefully allow you to play better golf for longer.

Would you be interested?

If you are a golfer and want to continue to improve your game and want to find out more about our golf assessment program, you can contact me here.

If you are a PGA teaching professional and want to find out more about how we can work together, please contact me here.

For enquiries please call:

Chiropractic Care

Milton Keynes: 01908 307075
Northampton: 01604 460200
Aylesbury: 01296 489231

The good news

Here is an example of what happened during the seminar, which made it absolutely clear that even at a level of a PGA certified training coach, it is still difficult to have all the answers:

"During the TPI course one of the PGA teaching professionals were assessed and after his assessment his swing faults were predicted. We watched a video of his golf swing and the swing faults were there, as predicted.

He explained that he had had tuition from one of his PGA colleagues over a 12-month period, but had not been able to correct his swing faults satisfactorily.

It turned out that it was neither him not understanding what he was told to do, nor his colleague, the senior teaching professional, giving him the wrong instructions, it was due to the fact that, physically, he was unable to do it!"

"The good news was, that given the right exercises, he would gradually be able to make alterations necessary to improve his technique.

You should have seen the expression on his face when he realised that he would be given some tools to enable him to become a better golfer. He said it was like a big weight had been taken off his shoulders, his colleague said exactly the same thing."

Imagine how powerful that could be for you! Both if you are a golfer or a teaching professional.

It Is Important To Work As a Team

It is clear that in the modern world of golf, it is unlikely that one single person can influence the changes necessary in a golfer to reach his potential on his own. Most PGA golf professionals these days have a team with people with specialist skills that helped them achieve their goals - that, certainly, is the way forward.

I am not a golf teaching professional, I am a chiropractor with special knowledge to help you, the golfer and assists your golf professional, making you a better golfer. That is why I would prefer that we all work as a team.

I would like to work with your teaching professional and other coaches that you might have in order to help you achieve your goals. I firmly believe that working as a team is the best way forward.

If you contact us for an assessment, we would prefer if you allow us to contact your teaching pro and work together with him, but that is a decision for you to make.

To book in for an assessment, just give us a call or send an e-mail through this link.

If you have any questions, you can contact me here.

If you are a PGA teaching professional and want to find out more about how we can work together, please contact me here.

Read more about Chiropractic and Golf Injuries.

For enquiries please call:

Chiropractic Care

Milton Keynes: 01908 307075
Northampton: 01604 460200
Aylesbury: 01296 489231

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