Chiropractic And Exercise… For Your Sake!

Exercise… For Your Sake!

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Have you ever thought what you will be like when you reach 60, 70, 80 or even 90? Will you live independently?

We as humans lose 1% of bone density annually after the age of 30. Our muscle mass and strength deteriorate steadily. Our mental capacity goes down over time too. So is there anything positive about getting older?

Some say no, but many say yes! The people who are most positive in their old age are the people who are healthy, live independently and have good friends and a healthy social life.

So What Can You Do To Achieve Health And Independence?

The answer is to eat well, think well, sleep well and move often, do exercise and look after your body!

Woody Allen once said that healthy living only gives you 6 months longer… in a nursing home. :-) Which is funny!

But if those 6 months are great and the 6 months are 10 years later in your life compared to if you had had an unhealthy lifestyle, it is probably worth it!

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Exercise Is Good For You

Chiropractic MK, Northampton, Aylesbury

There is so much evidence to support that exercise is good for you.

There is evidence that exercise combinded with chiropractic may well be the best way to keep out of pain and stay active.

Exercise helps to reduce heart disease and stroke, it helps to maintain and improve your bone density, it reduces blood pressure, it makes you stronger, it helps you sleep better and it helps you feel better, it prevents and helps depression, it helps to prevent dementia, it makes you live longer and it helps you stay independent as you get older.

It even prevents back pain and other orthopaedic problems.

This is why exercise should be part of your chiropractic treatment programme!

What Type Of Exercise Should You Do?

So what type of exercise should you do? Which exercise is best?

You can do anything you want as long as you don't injure yourself!

The thing to remember is that the most important factor in staying independent is to maintain leg strength. Once you can't get up from sitting or walk, you will be dependent on somebody else!

The Best Exercises For You To Do

To pick the best exercises to do, keep the following in mind:

  • Avoid exercises that put you at risk of injury!
  • Exercise should be weight bearing. Why? Non-weight bearing exercises, such as swimming, do not help your bone density. Swimming is a good alternative exercise if you have problems with you hips, knees or ankles.
  • Swimming is good for many other reasons too, but not for improving your bone density.
  • Do exercises that promote leg strength and your ability get up from sitting and that help you walk.
  • The exercise intensity should be appropriate for you. Do not overdo it!
  • The frequency should be right to. If you do too much too often you will get an overuse injury.
  • You need to do exercises that will teach you to control your core. This is not just your back and stomach muscles, it is much more than that. Read more about core stability here!

At the ISIS Chiropractic Centres we have in-house rehabilitation facilities with personal trainers who can help you! We will refer you to our trainers with a prescription, they will assess you to make sure you do the right exercises the right way.

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When Shall I Start My Exercise Programme?

Now, you have to start today! Otherwise it will not happen! Trust me! Make it in to a routine and track your new exercise programme. If you track it you are more likely to continue to do it. You will reach your goal if you track it, otherwise it will not happen.

Exercise for a couple of weeks, a month or even six months will not be enough! This should be a habit for life!

"Oh no!", you might think, "I don't even like exercise", but just think about the benefits. Why don’t you start reading from the beginning if you have forgotten why you should do exercise!

Or even better, sit down and write a list of what motivates you to do exercise. What is the most important thing for you as you get older? Live independently? Be healthy? Live without pain?

What Motivates You to Do Exercise?

It is important that you take a moment and write down the most compelling reasons why you should start to exercise. Trust me, it makes all the difference.

Write it down on a paper, frame it and put it on the wall so you can see it every day when you get up in the morning!

This is another proven method to increase the likelihood that you will reach  your goals.

You need to commit to do exercise in the longer term for it to be effective, so don't give up after a couple of weeks!

Now - Tell Your Children!

Chiropractic MK, Northampton, Aylesbury

Now - go and tell you children - and grand children and maybe one day you can tell your great grand children!

If you need any more information on how the ISIS Chiropractic Centres exercise programme can benefit you, please contact us here!

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