Chiropractic and Movement Patterns

Here at the ISIS Chiropractic Centres we always encourage our patients to do specific exercise programmes to help them in the longer term.

A research team working in conjunction with a UCLA exercise physiology research lab have completed a study looking at the effect of a 3-cycle exercise plan with each subsequent cycle building on the foundation of the one before.  

Here is what they found!

3-cycle Exercise Plan Over 12 Weeks

Cycle 1 works on basic natural movement patterns, it addresses multiple planes of motion and training styles, which provide a solid foundation for higher level training in cycle 2 and 3. 

The results of the 12 week study showed superior gains in lean muscle mass, strength, power and aerobic capacity.

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The Importance of Basic Movement Patterns

The study shows us the importance of basic movement patterns.  If the basics are incorrect the more complex movements that control our everyday activities will be built on weak foundations.

This can lead to faults developing and the body compensating at the expense of joints or muscles.  When enough faults develop the body lets you know by feeling pain. 

Pain Is the Tip Of the Iceberg

Often, patients will present with a fairly new pain but in fact the pain is the tip of the iceberg in which there are weeks, months or years of compensation preceding it. 

This could be why back pain often recurs, although the pain may have gone the basic movement patterns are not regained and the cycle continues until the next episode.

This process highlights the importance of exercise and rehabilitation in back pain

There are many studies showing the benefits gained by combining manual therapy with exercise in order to get better and longer lasting results.

Why Combine Chiropractic And Exercise

At ISIS Chiropractic Centres we always try to put across the importance of home exercises. 

If you learn to control and move at the basic levels first, you can then move on to more complex everyday movement patterns which can help keep you functioning optimally and reduce your likelihood of falling back into a spiral of compensatory patterns that cause damage and result in pain.

Over the course of around 12 weeks you can train these muscles through from basic to advanced exercises resulting in improved stability, balance and control

As we can learn from the research from UCLA, building upon a stable foundation can result in superior gains in lean muscle mass, strength, power and aerobic capacity.

“Learn to walk before you run” is a common saying, however, it’s even better if before trying to walk you have learnt to roll, sit, crawl and stand up. 

If you would like more information about exercise and rehabilitation please contact us here or call the ISIS Chiropractic Centres  and speak to one of the chiropractors.

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