Bone Density and Health Scans at ISIS Chiropractic Centres

ISIS Chiropractic Centres started a partnership with Screenetics health screening in September 2008, offering in-house bone density screens using advanced dual x-ray and laser technology (DEXA-scan) and general health scans relating to other common health problems.

We frequently see people who are at risk of having osteoporosis and sometimes after taking x-rays we see signs of osteoporosis. Osteporosis is a relatiev contraindication to chiropractic treatment, which means that we can still treat you, but we may have to modify how we treat you.

When can I have my scan?

Screenetics used to provide the service at all our three clinics in Aylesbury, Milton Keynes and Northampton on a monthly basis.

Screenetics are not doing it at the moment, but if you are interested in having a bone density scan, you can contact Screenetics here.

If you have any questions or if you want to make a Chiropractic appointment please phone us, or alternatively contact us here.

If you want to find out more about the screening, please read on.

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The Bone Density Scan

The screening procedure is non-invasive, accurate and only takes 20 minutes. After the scan the results will be explained to you, as well as offering any advise, if needed. This is a fantastic opportunity to have a bone density scan to a very reasonable price!


Osteoporosis is more common now than ever before, with around 1 in 3 women and 1 in 8 men affected by osteoporosis and its symptoms. Early diagnosis and regular monitoring is key to managing the condition and minimising the risks.

Are you at risk of osteoporosis?

There are a number of risk factors:

  • Age
  • Early menopause (natural or due to surgery)
  • Family History
  • Malabsorption (Chron’s, Celiac, Gluten intolerance)
  • Poor diet
  • Lack of exercise

These are just a few common factors, the list is long.

You don’t necessarily know if you have osteoporosis until you have a fracture. Osteoporosis develops gradually over time and you might not know that you have it until your bones become brittle.

Having a DEXA-scan can help to identify if you are at risk, before it becomes a problem. Treatment, which in the early stages is mainly diet and exercise, can make a phenomenal difference. Most of us probably know if we have a poor lifestyle, but a poor result on the DEXA-scan often kick people in to action.

Once you have symptoms from osteoporosis it is much more difficult to deal with. There is powerful medication these days, but they are not without side-effects.

Our advice is to act now! Have the scan and you will know for sure where you stand.

Health Screening

As well as offering the bone density screening, Screenitics offer a comprehensive service, covering the major health risks. Regular Health Screening puts you back in control of your state of health. Screenetics uses the latest in state of the art equipment, offering the most accurate tests available today. Health screening can help flag up any potential health problems and help you deal with them before your health suffers.


Includes bone density scan (DEXA-scan), lifestyle assessment and action plan.


Screenetics Maxi-Screen™, offers the essential tests including; Lifestyle and Nutrition, Total Cholesterol, Diabetes, Blood Pressure and Body Composition. It also includes Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), Haemoglobin Analysis & Helecobacter Pylori. Taking you to the next level with a comprehensive list of tests designed around the working lifestyle.

Maxi Plus™

The Maxi Plus™ Screen, Screenetic most popular screening choice! Combining all the benefits of the Maxi Screen and the Osteo Screen in one easy appointment and representing exceptional value.

If you want to read more about the screening you can go to Screenetics web site here.

If you have any questions or if you want to make a chiropractic appointment please phone us, or alternatively contact us here.

For enquiries please call:

Chiropractic Care

Milton Keynes: 01908 307075
Northampton: 01604 460200
Aylesbury: 01296 489231

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